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What We're All About


We are a group of people interested in wood turning. A wood turner makes round items out of wood by mounting it on a machine called a lathe. Lathes come in sizes that can turn jewelry or objects many feet in diameter. The wood is rotated and a sharpened tool is presented against the wood and material is sheared or scraped off until an object is formed. This is often a bowl shape or a turned shape such as a baseball bat and anything in between.
We all share a love of wood and it's many colours and grain patterns. Wood can also be in various stages of decay which causes more colour changes. This wood is said to be spalted. Many of us turn " burls" which are the knob like growths that we see on some trees. Inside these burls are intricate grain patterns, voids, and bark inclusions in the wood. There are many ways to turn and finish these pieces.


We spend hours looking for interesting wood, working with it, and sharing opinions on how best to accomplish the best results easily and most importantly, safely.
After a piece is turned we then must finish it by sanding with abrasives. Later some kind of finish material is applied to protect and seal the wood. This can be anything from beeswax to a complicated multi part epoxy finish. Turners commonly make but are not limited to bowls, plates, candle holders, baseball bats etc.


The turner is always looking for the perfect piece to make into a cherished object, and can be found in lumber yards construction sites and dumps where felled trees can be found.  We also spend many a happy hour discussing these processes with fellows also afflicted with the desire to work with wood. We are always looking for new members with the same passion that we have!

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