Tips and Tricks For Turners

Homemade Kiln

Pepper & Salt Mill's


  • For punky or soft wood that will not cut but tears out try applying a product called PC Petrifier. 

  • Homemade protractor. Use any long piece of strapping, drill7/8" holes every 1/2". Mount a small block on one end leaving the screw through the block as your center point. Place a sharpie pen in what ever hole matching the dia. you wish and draw your circle.

  • For easy tearing of sand paper to the correct size you need screw an old hacksaw blade to a piece of plywood. Use one washer under each screw to leave space for the paper to slide under the blade. Slide the paper under to the desired length then tear along the teeth of the blade. You can also do this on your work bench if you have an area that will not interfere with other uses. 

  • Before applying CA glue to a crack spray the area with poly or lacquer to help keep the CA from staining the surrounding area.


  • To colour high tannin woods such as Oak or Hemlock to a silver hue, soak a rusty piece of metal in vinegar then apply the mixture to the wood.