First let me explain where the name Grumpsy came from. My grandson started calling me Grumps when he was about 1 year old. By the time he was 3 he enjoyed having me chase him in our back yard and when I couldn't catch him he taunted me with "Grumpsy Grumpsy Grumpsy you can't catch me". Well the name has stuck so why not embrace it? I now brand all my work with the "Handcrafted by Grumpsy" logo.

I came to wood turning after retiring from the pulp and paper industry. I worked here in  Trenton, Ontario, Canada for just over 41 years. I have always worked with wood as a hobby and throughout my life wondered about wood turning. 

After buying my first lathe and a few tools the fellow threw in, I became addicted to seeing what could be made from wood turning at high speed on a lathe. That first lathe cost me $100 bucks. I have since bought 2 more lathes each one getting more expensive and I can't count the tools that have followed. 

I currently turn pieces for charity events to sell to raise funds, gifts for friends and family and my favorite is turning in exchange for free wood.

Much of my wood comes from people I meet who have a tree that has come down and they would like a memento of the tree. I turn a piece for them and in exchange they donate some of the wood for my other projects. These are my most satisfying pieces as I get to see the surprise when I return with an object they couldn't imagine being hidden in their piece of wood.

I do buy wood to be turned but it is very expensive as it is usually kiln dried and cut to blank size. Most exotic woods come this way.

I am a member of the Quinte Woodturners Guild and Oakhills golf club ( my other passion ). I have a "you tube" channel where you can see short videos I post of how some pieces are made. Search James Walt.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and if you have some free wood I am always interested in making something in exchange for some of it. 

I currently do not sell my pieces but I will in the near future if there is a demand for them. I never intend to make a profit but would not mind recouping some of my costs for wood and tools.




James G. Walt